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Legal services

– All legal services are provided by the law office Ćehović & Associates on the basis of a specially concluded contract with a client on an individual job or group of jobs.

– The mentioned contract precisely regulates the rights and obligations of the law office and the client, i.e. the customer.

– In order to draw up each contract (client-lawyer), the client will be obliged to provide the lawyer with detailed data and information in order to provide adequate legal assistance and legal services of better quality.

– Lawyer services are performed when the client issues a lawyer a special power of attorney for a specific action or a general power of attorney, of their own choice.

Legal assistance

– In order to improve the quality of work and provide legal services, members of our law office help in exercising the rights of the most vulnerable citizens through various types of legal assistance.

– Our wish is to, through answers or professional texts, point out possible directions of action and give basic guidelines and information related to solving your legal problem, but this is not intended to replace the engagement of experts (lawyers) in solving legal problems and providing legal services. In cases that do not require the engagement of a lawyer, we can provide answers to your questions.

– The law office will provide free legal assistance online. We hope that in this way we will reach all those who need us more easily.

In the process of providing legal services, the law office Ćehović & Associates from Belgrade are guided by the principles of top business and high professionalism, with the aim of mutual satisfaction. We provide professional legal assistance that will meet all your needs as a client. Our task is to ensure that the quality of legal services is at the highest level.

Legal aid, i.e. resolving a disputed legal problem is sometimes a time-consuming job that requires the trust and patience of both parties, and we are here to justify that trust. The expertise of the lawyers of the Ćehović Law Office is at a very high level and at the very top in the territory of the City of Belgrade. It is important to us that legal assistance is provided with a great deal of responsibility and commitment.

It is necessary to constantly improve and perfect legal services in accordance with the requirements of clients, the needs of modern society and frequent changes in regulations. They are as high quality as the effort, work, energy, etc. invested in them. Lawyers from our law office are obliged to responsibly and professionally dedicate themselves to solving all legal problems of their clients.

Ćehović Law Office

Reasons why you should choose us

  • Lawyer services have been provided for more than 10 years by extremely competent lawyers with many years of work experience. Our team of lawyers solves legal services in the domain of all types of services very quickly and efficiently.
  • The lawyers of the law office Ćehović, in addition to the knowledge acquired in the country and abroad, have other important achievements.
  • The law office has established the principles of work through many years of practice of providing legal assistance with fast, efficient and conscientious resolution of all types of problems.
  • Extensive work experience gained in the country and abroad is a guarantee of providing quality legal services.