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advokat beograd - omer cehovic

Lawyer Omer Ćehović

Omer Ćehović was born on 25.12.1954. He graduated from the High School of teaching in Banja Luka in 1972, after which he worked as a teacher for two and a half years. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade with an average grade of 9.57. He started his professional career as a law graduate – legal trainee at the Oil Refinery "Pancevo" as part of SOUR "Naftagas" (later "NIS" Novi Sad). He completed part of his legal apprenticeship, lasting six months, in the Municipal Court in Pančevo.

  • After finishing the apprenticeship, he was assigned to the position of the head of the Advocacy Group of the Refinery and SOUR "Naftagas". He led the Group for the next five years. During that period, in addition to managing the Group, he worked as a representative in various legal proceedings, participated in negotiations, drafted, finalized texts, and concluded all types of contracts for the supply of raw materials for the production processes of the Refinery and “Naftagas”, as well as contracts for the sale of derivatives, oil products, procurement of all types of materials and equipment for the needs of the Refinery and "Naftagas". The mentioned Group consisted of law graduates, financial experts, commercialists and other experts. He represented the Refinery and “Naftagas” in all types of proceedings in courts, state administration bodies and international arbitrations.
  • Throughout Europe, the United States and Asia, he conducted negotiations with the aim of concluding almost all types of agreements, participated in concluding settlements and peaceful dispute resolutions. Also, he worked on the drafting of final versions, as well as amendments to various contracts such as: contracts for the procurement of technologies, for the preparation of project documentation, for the procurement of equipment and materials, contracts for construction works, reconstructions, upgrades and maintenance of all types of facilities within the Refinery and "Naftagas", Novi Sad. After two and a half years of work at the Refinery, he completed a magister degree in business law at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. After passing the oral magister exam and defending the magister thesis entitled "Turnkey construction contract", with a comprehensive descriptive grade, he "passed with honours", and acquired the title of magister of legal sciences.
  • During his magister studies, for a period of six months, he specialized in advocacy in international commercial arbitrations in Geneva and Paris. After four years of work in the Refinery and "Naftagas", he passed the bar exam with a descriptive grade of "passed with honours". He then completed one-year specialist studies in "International Agreements". He was the only one from the generation, which had 800 postgraduates, who passed the final exam with honours in the first exam period. During this first period of work, which lasted five years, he mastered the English language at the Institute of Foreign Languages in Belgrade by taking private lessons, reading professional and other literature in English, as well as attending all language levels at “The Institute of Foreign Languages in Belgrade”. He completed a one-year study of English at the Božidar Adžija National University in Belgrade. After passing the exam, he was appointed a certified court interpreter for the English language. After this five-year period of work, he was assigned to the position of legal advisor of the director of the Refinery. At the same time, he continued to work on all the aforementioned tasks within the Advocacy Group and supervised the work of the Legal Service within the Refinery.

Work abroad

  • Due to the war in the former SFRY, and later, he left and moved to Singapore. There, after appropriate studies at the Faculty of Law, he passed additional exams in order to nostrify the already acquired diplomas, as well as to obtain a license to practice law. During that period, he was also educated to acquire knowledge of business and legal-professional English, since English is the official language of Singapore. After the nostrification of the mentioned diplomas, he was admitted to the Official Register of Lawyers of the Law Society of Singapore.
  • The first job, as a lawyer, in Singapore was in the Law and Legal Services Company, whose "parent company", i.e. the founder “Arthur Andersen Legal”, was domiciled in the United States. He performed almost all types of legal work, especially in the field of international trade, financial and banking law. The tasks included representation in negotiations, drafting, finalizing texts, as well as amendments to various contracts. He also did these jobs in the branches of the mentioned Company, which were located in Hong Kong, Bangkok (Thailand), Tai Pei (Taiwan) and Sydney (Australia). He was a representative in pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings, in proceedings for the reorganization of legal entities in different countries. He was also a representative in courts and international commercial arbitrations in all of the mentioned countries. He was a representative for companies, i.e. legal entities, and individuals. He acted as an arbitrator of various chambers of international commercial arbitrations in three countries. He performed all his work exclusively in English, except in Thailand, where he used the local language. During the weekend, holidays or free time, he also worked as a professor - teacher of English and business English language in various institutions.
  • The total work abroad lasted for 15 years and 6 months. He performed all legal work in countries that belong to the Anglo-Saxon legal system. Thanks to his life and work abroad, he gained significant experience in the profession and education of others in the fields of general, business and legal English. In addition, he gained special knowledge as well as experience in the work of the capital market and foreign currencies, in marketing, management and other areas that previously could not be acquired in the SFRY. He returned to Serbia for family reasons. Immediately upon his return to Belgrade, he enrolled in the Directory of Attorneys of the Belgrade Bar Association and continued to work as a lawyer. O.S. Ćehović continues to perform all types of legal work, with special emphasis on representation and defence in civil and criminal proceedings. He certainly deals with the provision of legal assistance and representation services to various legal and natural persons, as well as entrepreneurs in concluding, drafting, amending various types of contracts, settlements, as well as in out-of-court dispute resolution.
  • He acquired specialized knowledge for working with minors, as well as in the field of family relations and mediation. He also performs translation work as a certified court translator for English. He is the initiator of the establishment and one of the founders of the Joint Law Office Ćehović, Grahovac, Janjić, Simović & Partners and the Association of Lawyers and Other Citizens for the Rule of Law and Social Justice.