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Ćehović Law Office

Each service is provided on the basis of a specially concluded contract with the client on an individual job or a group of jobs. The mentioned contract will precisely regulate the rights and obligations of the lawyer and the client of services, i.e. customer.

– Contracts can also be concluded via e-mail. Payment will be made on the basis of a contract, according to the valid Lawyer's Tariff for legal services in the Republic of Serbia, with a discount for regular clients and clients who contract for a longer period of time or who need legal services whose price exceeds a certain amount (above 1,000.00 euros).

– Lawyer services can also be contracted on the basis of the lawyer's tariff of the country from which the foreign citizen client originates. In this case, a written contract on the provision of legal services must be concluded, with the price of those services.

– The contract also regulates the eventual payment for services per percentage, after the end of the procedure. In this case, the client must provide future payment for the performed legal services.

– In order to draw up each individual contract, the client will be obliged to provide the lawyer with detailed data and information. In order to perform services, the client's lawyer also needs a special or general power of attorney issued by the client.

– The client is responsible for possible non-disclosure of complete information, providing inaccurate information, incomplete data, as well as failure to submit or late signing and submission of power of attorney, as well as late payment of due fees, fees or other costs. In the case of contracting a larger volume of services, i.e. service with higher fees and costs the client and the lawyer will agree on the method of securing the payment for the stated fees to the lawyer and the costs for fees, as well as other costs. For services for which the amount is not provided in the Lawyer's Tariff, the price and other costs will be regulated by the mentioned contracts. The contracts will also regulate the manner of securing payments, as well as the payment of fees for services and costs of fees, as well as other costs of lawyers.

The first 10 minutes of counselling, in terms of the basic elements of the client's legal problem, are usually free. Detailed counselling is charged separately, at a price that will depend on the complexity and value of the subject of the client's problem and the duration of the counselling. The price of each service will be regulated in advance by the service contract. The lawyer guarantees that they will perform all services as professionally, responsibly and promptly as possible. Every 3-6 months, as well as after the completion of the service, the lawyer will report to the client on the performed service. The lawyer will also send the client a detailed report on the service performed.

The lawyer will keep detailed documentation on the performance of services and form special files, with complete documentation on the performed services, which they will make available to the client at any time at the client's request. The lawyer will, after the service has been performed, hand over to the client all funds or other values that they realize/collects for the client by performing the service.

The lawyer is responsible for any damage caused, and they guarantee it with their entire property. This liability for damage is also guaranteed by a special contract on liability insurance that the lawyer has, through the Bar Association, with the insurance company in Serbia, which was concluded with the mediation of the Serbian Bar Association. In this way, the client is additionally protected in case the lawyer is not able to pay the total damage caused. Which means that the rest - the unreimbursed amount of damage, up to the full amount, will be paid by the insurance company, through the Serbian Bar Association.