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Lawyer for divorce and family law

Family law covers issues of marriage and marital relations, divorce, cohabitation, child-parent relations, adoption, foster care, guardianship, alimony, family property relations, protection from domestic violence, family and personal proceedings. A rough division of family law would be into marital, parental, foster and custody rights.

In the field of family law, we provide legal assistance and legal services in the divorce procedure, but also all other issues in this area, including:

  • custody of children
  • model of realization of meeting and other contacts of children and parents,
  • determining the amount of child support contributions by parents,
  • drawing up marriage contracts,
  • drawing up a divorce agreement,
  • initiating and representing in the annulment procedure,
  • plegal services of representation and provision of legal assistance in proceedings related to the maintenance of children and ex-spouses,
  • legal services related to the exercise of parental rights, i.e. deprivation or restriction of parental rights,
  • as well as in procedures for the prevention and protection against domestic violence.