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Property law relations lawyers

The law office Ćehović & Associates also deals with all property and legal issues, i.e. provides legal services in this area. This primarily includes representation in disputes over damages, resolving issues of unjust enrichment, unintentional performance of other people's business, unilateral declaration of will, as well as representation in general property issues, in any area of law, including the exercise of rights of parties from other countries.

The most common services we provide from the so-called property law areas are as follows:

1. Representation in all litigation and non-litigation proceedings

The lawyers of our law office will help you understand your rights and present relevant facts to the competent authorities. We represent clients in all litigation and non-litigation proceedings, from the simplest to the most complicated.

2. Representation in all collection or payment procedures related to property relations

Property relations have always been a sensitive topic, where an agreement between the parties is very difficult to reach, so the parties usually decide to file a lawsuit in the competent court. That is why it is important that your interests in the initiated procedure, regardless of whether you are on the side of the creditor or the debtor, are represented by an experienced lawyer or a team of lawyers.

3. Drawing up all types of contracts

To draw up a contract, certain preconditions must be met:

  • both parties must be legally capable,
  • the wills they express must be harmonized,
  • the subject of the contract must be clearly stated, possible and permissible,
  • the prescribed form of the contract itself must be followed.

4. Implementation of contractual obligations

Contact us if you have a problem with non-fulfilment of contractual obligations by your debtors, so that all your rights are properly protected and exercised.

5. Registration and deletion of real estate mortgages

If you are in a situation where you have to "mortgage" your real estate, seek appropriate legal advice in time or hire an expert to help you carry out the procedure of registering or deleting the mortgage. The following items can be mortgaged:

  • real estate,
  • part of real estate,
  • co-ownership share in real estate,
  • special parts of the place of residence (garage, business premises, pantries, etc.)
  • the right to land owned by the debtor,
  • facility under construction.

6. Payment of property tax

Property tax is paid on any real estate or real estate located on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the applicable tax regulations.

7. Proceedings for damages

It is important to distinguish compensation for pecuniary damage from compensation for non-pecuniary damage. Compensation for non-pecuniary damage does not constitute compensation in the true sense, because the violation of the goods for which the payment is made is invaluable in the true sense of the word. Therefore, in cases of non-material damages, no damages are paid, but a certain amount of money is paid which enables the one whose property is injured to afford some other pleasure instead of damages, which will in some way, at least symbolically, allow them to experience some pleasure, due to the severe mental or physical pain they have suffered.

Ćehović Law Office provides representation and counselling services on all issues and in all procedures for compensation of material and non-material damage.

8. Representation in enforcement proceedings

According to the regulations, enforcement proceedings should be short, and however, we are witnesses that this is very often not the case. If you want to shorten the wait or leave the job that requires time and effort to someone else, contact us. Our lawyers have many years of experience in enforcement proceedings.

9. Representation in the procedures for determining the nullity of the contract, annulment of the contract

  • Null contracts are those that contradict coercive regulations, public order or good customs.
  • Annulment of the contract - the lawsuit itself to clarify the contract will shed light on whether the contract should be annulled or not.

Our lawyers follow all the clauses of the contract and will do everything to protect and enable you to exercise all your rights in a regular procedure.

10. Compiling the settlement

The settlement agreement aims to completely resolve the existing dispute and regulate the mutual obligations of the opposing parties. This may be the ideal type of contract after which both parties will be satisfied, and the costs will be lower than in resolving a dispute in court. Our attorneys have extensive experience in drafting settlements.

11. Mediation - managing the dispute resolution process through mediation

Mediation itself is a way of peaceful resolution of disputes with the mediation of a third party, i.e. mediator, which must be completely neutral.
This procedure can be carried out only if both parties agree to it. Mediation is always recommended because the procedure itself is faster and cheaper than litigation before the competent courts.